In order to comply with Indonesian legislation and standards of construction (SNI 1727: 2013), a wind speed of 140,8km/hrs (39,1m/s) for strength design and 115,2km/hrs for serviceability design are considered. For projects outside of Indonesia, the local standards for wind speed will be applied.

As the bamboo is light and flexible, bamboo buildings are more resistant to earthquakes in comparison with other types of buildings. The coefficient of Fail Safe (Express the ability to withstand very strong external accidental stresses) will be 2,5 superior for bamboo than steel and timber structures and 5 times more than concrete buildings.

Depending on the category and location of the building, a seismic verification would be needed. For Indonesia, the level of importance regarding earthquakes is given on the national maps (SNI 1726: 2012). For other countries, we will comply with local legislation regarding earthquakes when required.