Bamboo material and bamboo structures have 3 main causes of degradation:

  • Insects: cellulose and starch present in the bamboo will attract the insect.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight: UV will destroy the natural silicate protection of the bamboo.
  • Permanent source of moisture: Above 20% of moisture inside the bamboo, mushrooms can develop and lead to rotten bamboo.

If the bamboo is exposed to 1 of this potential to cause a degradation, a lifetime of 6 months – 3 years is expected.

Once we treat the bamboo against the insects and adapt our design to protect the bamboo structure regarding sun and moisture exposure, there is no cause of degradation. With a regular survey in order to check this compliance, it will last for long term.

We propose a yearly maintenance contract attached to structural guarantee which can be extended for 10 years.