Weaved bamboo roofs enclose pavilions for wellness resort in the maldives

Desa Bambu design group experiments with bamboo architecture to construct a wellness retreat composed of several open-air pavilions floating in the Maldives archipelago. Joali Being Resort provides a nature-immersive experience through the sustainable building complex developed on a bamboo framework and topped with naturally woven roof canopies.


The Bamboo Boom – Three of Bali’s Overnight Options

Keep on the grass…

Bali’s global bamboo boom is, as far as I know it, thanks to Linda Garland, her Environmental Bamboo Foundation and the village of Bona – with a shot or two of David Bowie lounging on his bamboo sofa in Mustique…


Joali Being, un complesso in bambù dedicato al benessere

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Bodufushi è una delle oltre mille isole che compongono l’arcipelago delle Maldive. Joali Being Resort è una società che possiede una serie di resort e strutture balneari alle Maldive per offrire esperienze immersive nella natura e ritiri di benessere.


Undulating bamboo canopy tops oval teahouse by pablo luna within lush jungle in bali

Pablo luna studio builds secluded bamboo tea house in bali. Design and research studio pablo luna has designed a secluded teahouse made of bamboo within a lush forest in bali, indonesia. 


10 Questions To Better Understand Bamboo Challenges For The Future

Meeting with Olivier Betting, head of Asali Bali, one of the main companies based in Bali and specialized in bamboo construction engineering in Indonesia and abroad.


Interview with Asali Bali

Reducing our impact on the environment with bamboo buildings. Interview with Olivier Betting, founder of Asali Bali. Asali Bali specializes in unique bamboo buildings using traditional Balinese knowledge in a modern context. 


Kappa Senses, Ubud, Bali – Spa Resort

Superbly blended into nature on a verdant two-hectare property in the surrounds of Ubud, Kappa Senses is conceived as a reviving ‘nest’ for guests to relax and reawaken their senses in an environmentally responsive space.


Hermès weaves a garden of life-size bamboo caves from recycled brushes in qatar

Hermès opens the doors of its flagship store in Doha, Qatar by ushering visitors into the wonderland of designer Alexis Tricoire, who goes above and beyond, and quite literally, as he crafts hills of bamboo caves inside the luxury brand’s flagship store, all made from recycled brushes.


Tea house – Pablo luna Studio

Minutes away from the city of Ubud, hidden among the rice fields and mountains of Bali, Indonesia, Tea House emerges as a space dedicated exclusively to tea ceremonies.


Ulaman Eco Retreat: Green by Design and Practice

Sustainable travel is the current buzz word and will be for the foreseeable future – catalysed by the COVID-19 pandemic to bring us closer and kinder to Mother Earth.


Asali Bali – Bamboo Construction Engineering.

Olivier Betting heads up Asali Bali, an organisation that we have been collaborating with on some of our architecture projects more recently on bamboo structural engineering and project construction. Asali Bali has grown over the years and they have established themselves in bamboo treatment, construction and engineering in Indonesia and overseas with the projects that they have delivered. 


A Vernacular Paradise in Bali.

Ulaman Wellness Retreat, a carbon zero-project, is created with locally available materials and built by workmen from the vicinity of Kaba Kaba, Bali, Indonesia.


Ulaman Retreat / Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios.

Text description provided by the architects. Located inland in Bali, this wellness retreat has been integrated into a forest that borders luscious rice fields on one side and a dramatic river on the other. The river converges water from the whole area creating a junction of small waterfalls that produces enough flow to power a hydro electric generator that can sustain the power of the buildings within the complex. Merging with nature has been at the forefront in the approach to the design, not just by its operation but by using materials found directly on the site and the immediate locality, therefore enabling the resort to become fully carbon zero.

Yanko Design


In a world where everyone is moving toward’s sustainability, architects are also building their structures with materials that are sensitive and kind to nature. One such sustainable option is bamboo! ! Bamboo is being used to create beautiful and majestic structures, that are green and respect their surrounding environment. It is imperative to build homes, resorts, offices and etc that are in harmony with the natural environment around them.


Ulaman, the Eco Wellness retreat in Bali.

We found plenty of what we love most at Ulaman Eco Retreat. It’s one of the most sustainable boutique hotels you’ll find on the island, designed with inventive architecture, understated luxury, and absolute comfort in mind. Its modern approach to wellness includes a deliciously nourishing cuisine, all set within a lush and serene environment.


Asali Bali engineers bamboo structure capable of covering 545m2.

Bali-based Asali Bali has created a bamboo construction concept that covers big spaces, developed for pt. tripper nature and conceived in association with D.G.S engineers in singapore. every detail of the construction and particularly its connections have been carefully designed by a senior engineer, to provide a strong and durable structure. seven load tests were conducted to validate the structure. the bamboos used are 14-centimeters in diameters and were all carefully selected: sane, straight, aged, properly dried, and prepared following the traditional balinese knowledge…


Inspiral architects combines bamboo + rammed earth for Ulaman Eco Retreat in Bali.

Located in bali’s kaba-kaba village, ‘ulaman eco retreat resort’ by inspiral architecture and design is built using materials found directly on the site and the immediate locality. rammed earth is used for the resort‘s ground level walls, while the rest of the structure has been made with bamboo, much of which was harvested from the site. its guest villas, each of which complete with its own private pool, are topped with curvilinear roofs that can be admired from different heights and angles.


Promosikan industri konstruksi Bamboo ke mancanegara



One of the things I love most about Bali is the amazing places that exist only here on the island. Whatever your fancy, you can create it! And, as a visitor, you can stay in places that almost straight out of children’s books. Fairy tales that seemed impossible, but that someone actually dreamt of and made into reality.

Ulaman feels like a fairy tale. A small boutique hotel with its own private waterfall to swim in.


A recording studio with Bamboo Acoustics has opened in the middle of the jungle of Bali.

From Ubud, drive north for about 30 minutes and head straight through several local villages. Pass no less than 20 women balancing baskets on their heads and a babies on their hips. Make a wrong turn or two down a hilly road, and then enter the jungle where you’ll stumble upon TheNYX — a newish eco-village and artist-in-residency villa set amid lush rice paddies and forests in the middle-of-nowhere Bali.

FRV Bali

Bamboo Goddess

Sylvere Tanguy Studio presents “the Bamboo Goddess”, a concept fashion photo shoot with the collaboration of Paul Ropp, Niluh Djelantik, Aline Precious and Asali Bali.


Bamboo, a new source of strength in construction industry.

I think everyone in this world knows about Bamboo specie. It is a type of grass that is found mainly in countries in the Southeast Asian region. It resembles wood because it has elements and components that mimic the strength and durability of wood. It is also widely used in furniture making and has made bamboo one of the cheapest option yet serves its purpose in terms of work-ability, durability, and strength.


Asali Bali : pour en finir avec la cabane en bambou.

Ah, le bambou à Bali… Une histoire ancienne, indissociable des traditions balinaises, qui attire aujourd’hui des compétences nouvelles et extérieures à l’île dont La Gazette de Bali s’est fait l’écho à maintes reprises. Surfant sur la vague du vert, ce matériau naturel vit aujourd’hui sa deuxième vie, dans des bâtiments techniquement ambitieux, supposés durables et qui valorisent l’éthique de leurs propriétaires. Oui, le bambou porte avec lui des espoirs de lendemains meilleurs dans ce monde qui gaspille et détruit tout.


Bamboo Workshop | Jan 14th | Asali Bali.

Immerse yourself in a three day bamboo workshop hosted by Asali Bali on the 14th of January.
Asali is a bamboo production factory that incorporates Balinese traditional knowledge, sustainable eco-friendly solutions and engineered solutions to create everything from furniture to Bamboo architecture. The workshop will highlight bamboo constructing techniques, the principles of construction, opportunities and constraints of bamboo as a building material.

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Terinsiparasi Alam Mutia Garden Dibangun dari 3544 batang bambu, Sajikan Makanan Lezat Tanpa MSG

Tren kuliner tanah air kini semakin kaya dan beragam. Bermunculannya restoran dengan pangsa pasar milenial, suguhan cita rasa makanan lezat, bersih, sehat serta dekorasi unik menjadikan tren kuliner berubah.

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Mutia Garden : Pengalaman Baru Kulineran Di Kota Medan

Mutia Garden hadir dengan sebuah konsep baru bagi pecinta kuliner di kota Medan. Tempat yang tidak hanya menawarkan makanan, juga memberikan nuansa baru untuk tempat berkumpul bagi semua kalangan di kota Medan.

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Video of the Mutia Garden project.