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Asali Bali specializes in modern bamboo buildings incorporating traditional craftsmanship.  

We offer a spectrum of highly professional services from structural engineering consultancy to full project delivery. Established in 2009, Asali Bali has evolved in 2017 integrating structural engineers and R&D processes to contribute in the development of bamboo industry worldwide.

Our vision is to develop and promote the bamboo construction industry by engaging:

Asali Bali team bamboo construction in Bali, Indonesia

Our team

Along the years, Asali Bali integrated into its teams, structural engineers, project managers and experienced balineses bamboo craftsmen. Our global approach of the bamboo constructions integrates all the necessary parameters in concordance with the architectural project, in order to comply with local regulations and standards of construction.

Asali Bali bamboo Studio in Bali
Asali Bali bamboo Studio in Bali
Asali Bali bamboo Studio in Bali

A word about bamboo tradition

For generations, Belega village in Gianyar Regency has been structured and specialized in crafting and manufacturing bamboo for ceremonies, decoration, furnitures, panels, construction, music instruments, crafts...

A social status

For a Balinese, a “tukang bambu” or bamboo artisan is socially a sort of title. To get it, you need to know perfectly the raw material and enough structural competences in order to master the art of working properly with bamboo and years of practice to master the use of traditional carving knives.

Among those craftsmen or artisans everyone has specialties according to his abilities and experiences. Some elders are real masters and become team leaders, fully respected by the youngsters.

Keeping the tradition alive

The still alive oral tradition allows the transmission of the knowledge to the next generation. Every corporation in Bali is working on the same model. Some villages are specialized in sacred masks, some in fine fabric, others in stone carving.

Sometimes we like to compare their proper knowledge management system as those of the traditional carpenter guilds in Europe who built the cathedrals. This knowledge is precious and just unavoidable when it comes to bamboo construction.

We realize that many countries in the world like Japan, Korea, Philippines have lost or nearly lost those traditional competences. Why? Because youngsters prefer to work in banks or mobile shops in town. It is what we call the tsunami of globalization that cleans out traditional oral knowledge nearly everywhere in the world.

Anyway in Bali and some other parts of Indonesia or in some other countries like our friends in Thailand, Myanmar, Peru or Colombia, this knowledge is alive and actors are motivated and keen to protect and to expand this precious traditional knowledge.

Bamboo craftsmen

Our workshop is in the heart of Bali’s traditional bamboo culture. Our production team is the core of our business and we are proud of our craftsmen. Their knowledge and competences are the blood that flows in this core.

Asali bali bamboo kraftsmen