1 – First meeting and review of the project based on architects drawings for a first estimation  and timing of your project.

2 – Architectural drawings (1 – 6 months). Please look at partners to meet with the architect the most adapted to your project.

3 – Structural studies and small scale models in order to ensure stiffness, durability and define together the best options for your project. (2 weeks – 4 months) A related quotation as well as estimated planning of construction for the bamboo building will be proposed at this stage.

4 – Once contracts are signed and deposit done, we will prepare the bamboo material and teams, transport of material (1 – 2 months)

5 –   Bamboo construction (1 – 6 months). The foundations should be built with a local contractor or partners before installing the bamboo structure. Electricity and plumbing can be prepared as well. (1 – 4 months)

  1.   Bamboo columns
  2.   Roof bamboo structure
  3.   Roofing
  4.   Finishing on bamboo structure 

6 –  Delivery of the bamboo structure, interiors and landscaping

7 – Grand Opening!