As a rough estimate, to build in Bali, bamboo construction starts around 1.5 juta/m2 (100 USD/m2) for industrial buildings to 5 juta/m2 (330 USD/m2) for residential buildings which more complex usually. This estimation includes the bamboo structure, roofing and finishing (excluding foundations, floors, walls, stairs, MEP, interiors and logistics). The final construction cost will depend on the location, design, function of the building and any interior details.

A first phase of studies to define the design of the bamboo building as well as the carrying out of technical studies is necessary in order to obtain the execution documents used to proceed with the building permit as well as to be able to determine the final price for the construction. The price of the studies is around 150 – 500krp/m2 (10-33 USD/m2) depending on the size and complexity of the building.