• Foundations:
    Will have to be done by a general contractor and are at the charge of the client. The foundations will have to be sized regarding loads on bamboo structure supports and soil tests analysis.
    (Cf partners)
  • MEP:
    When planned during the design, electric cables and sockets can be integrated in the bamboo columns. The electricity and plumbing have to be sized and installed by a professional to avoid any further damage in the integrity of the building.
    (Cf partners)
  • Logistic: 
    • Transport of material: https://limajaricargo.com/?lang=fr
    • Transport of the team and coordinator to the location site,
    • Food and accomodation for the workers onsite,
    • Administrative fees for projects outside of Indonesia,
    • Sets of scaffolding to provide onsite when needed,
    • Compresor to provide onsite when needed,